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Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit - JADU

JADU is also known as Junior Accessory Dwelling Units, a unit that can be legally created through conversion of a legally existing perimeter (includes garage).



Phone Consultation




we will assess your project details. Contact us at (408)-807-3120 or send us a text message with your information for faster response.

Home Visit



We will assess how your house can house an JADU that gives enough privacy for both dwellers on the same property. We will also assess if your house is eligible for an ADU. We will also check if the setbacks allow you to add an ADU or build an Attached ADU.

Architectural proposal



The designing fees will be stated.

Proposal meeting




The designer will propose three sets of proposals with minimum changes to going all out on the project. The designer will build a 3d model of your house to help you visualize your house's new floor plan.




Detailing and permitting




The designers and engineers will draft details on the plan and turn in the plans to the city to obtain a permit to begin construction.

Project Quotation



Discuss the quote. The construction quotation is sent to the client.

Designing & painting



In the meantime designers will assist clients in selecting material, purchasing material and organizing material pick up with the contractors on the project.





Once the permits are approved we are ready to begin construction.