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1. Why should one paint the exterior of the house?

  • Applying fresh coats of paint to the exterior does more than simply looking good. A good quality exterior paint adds an extra layer of protection from weather, infestation of insects and dust.

2. Why should one paint the interior of the house?

  • Interior walls go through a lot especially when you have kids. A fresh coat of good quality paint in the interior can help protect your walls from wear and tear of day to day life. The new coat of paint can give an updated feeling to the house and adds value to your home if you are looking to sell or rent your house in the future. Oftentimes changing paint color can increase the value of your home in thousands of dollars and increase rent by a couple hundred dollars.
  • If you are a new homeowner then painting the interior of your new home is a great way to personalize your home.

3. Why should you paint accent walls?

  • Accent walls can be painted for any part of your home (kitchan, bathroom, living room,  kitchen,bedroom, office, and even guest rooms.) Accent walls are painted to draw attention to particular parts of the room that are being neglected or to add a personal flair that brings a sense of excitement to your room.




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